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Does Quickbooks for Screenprinters also work with fastmanager?

Yes, FastManager does work with those versions of QuickBooks. We are completely integrated with Fastmanager allowing all Customers, Invoices, Payments and Purchase Orders to be synchronized between FastManager’s productivity tools and the accounting tools offered in QuickBooks.

Does quickbooks for screenprinters also offer information for heat pressing, embroidery, etc?

Yes. Although several inventory vendor templates included in the software are specific to the screen printing industry, you can generate custom reports based on your type of business, and still invoice and other essential accounting functions from the software.

Can this app create a work order for screen printing?

You can create quotes and provide to customers. Please see our videos and tutorials on the disc to see information on how to do this.

Can this app create a schedule and breakdown for times, etc.?
Currently we are developing this but you may want to look into T-Quoter.

Is there a demo of this version?
Because the software gives you full access to all files immediately, there is no trial version at this time.

What is the average shop size that this software is designed for? (# of users)
Up to 5 authorized users are allowed.

I noticed that there isn’t a serial number. Is this not necessary for the add on?
Correct, the expansion pack, or “add on”, is a disc of useful resources that you can incorporate with your existing quickbooks, not a serial number-authenticated program.

I use quickbooks online. Would it work with that?
Although it doesn’t directly communicate with the online version of quickbooks, you can upgrade to the premier online version which will allow you to push your information from the online to the actual software so you can transfer your data and continue as you were, working from your new screenprinting version of quickbooks instead of the online version.

Are there actually built in features specific to screen printing the Quick Books application?
Yes. This exclusive version of quickbooks for screen printers has vendor information, part numbers, and other screen-printing specific information already loaded in it, along with several templates that your business office will need to run smoothly and track costs and profit.