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best states for online dating in USA

Each year, the website Koo-ka.com compiles a ranking of the U.S. states where online dating is safest and where it is least safe. This ranking comes out right around Valentine’s Day, so it’s especially useful for those who want to get hit with the Valentine’s arrow without risking bad situations.

How is this ranking done?

The ranking is done by considering the number of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases and the number of online dating-related cybercrimes that are reported.

What are the worst states in 2021 for online dating?

This list changes every year, except for the headliner:

Unfortunately, Alaska in addition to having a high prevalence of syphilis, also has a high propensity to suffer online scams, situations that make it the worst (statistically) where to find love online.

What are the best states in 2021 for online dating ?

The original colonies seem to be places where love can blossom online without any nefarious consequences, in fact the top 3 states where you can find your soulmate are:

Maine in particular has been in the top 3 states for the last 2 years, a sign that it is evidently possible to find a long-term relationship there.

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