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According to Ricky.com research, more than two-thirds of Indian female students have been chastised for their sexual behavior. It was first discovered that more than two-thirds of female students had previously been chastised for their sexual freedom and felt compelled to modify their behavior (67 percent). Female students confessed to receiving the following kinds of shame from others for having sexual impulses and/or exploring and displaying them:

74 percent of respondents admitted to sharing unconsented, explicit photographs and videos (most respondents attested to experiencing this).  

  • 68% spread untrue rumors about online sexual habits.
  • Being made fun of for one’s sexual inclinations (kink shaming) – 52%.
  • Being labeled “masculine” because they enjoy casual sex —33%.

shamed by other students

Unjustified physical harassment accounted for 17% of the total.

  When asked who was on the receiving end of the shaming, more than half of those polled stated that it was usually male students (52 percent of female students said that this was the case). In addition, the findings found that

  • Fear of being chastised makes 39 percent of female students uncomfortable expressing their sexuality or sexual emotions with their parents.

  • 34 percent of female students said other women have humiliated them in the past for their sexual misdeeds.

  • 18% of female students had been shammed by university employees in some way, whether it was through victim-blaming or marginalization.

Similarly, three-fifths of those polled said they are hesitant to publicly disclose their sexual encounters for fear of being treated differently than their male counterparts (59%).

With this in mind, nearly all female students agreed that it is critical in the future that they encourage one another to express their sexual desires and freedom, as well as stand up for other women who are humiliated (95 percent).

Unfortunately, many people still see self-pleasure and sexual exploration as forbidden and humiliating – particularly for young women – and, quite frankly, there is no place for such outdated thinking in today’s culture," Tracey Coates, Sexual Wellness Expert at www.Ricky.com, stated. Consensual pleasure, after all, is nothing to be embarrassed about!

“By criticizing female students for their sexual antics, we encourage them to shut down and cut off when it comes to sharing whatever they’re going through, which may be concerning, especially if their sexual health is in jeopardy.” We advocate for the normalization of safe sex and masturbation, and we encourage female students to support one another in their sexual adventures. This will help to dismantle some of the stigma that still lingers around sexual encounters by celebrating sexual freedom. "

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